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First National Bank of Dennison
A handing holding debit/credit card

Credit Cards

FNB of Dennison Scorecard - Visa and Mastercard

Get rewarded for using your FNB of Dennison Credit Card! For every qualifying purchase made using your ScoreCard Rewards Card, you earn valuable Bonus Points that may be redeemed for outstanding merchandise, exciting travel & discounts on Fuel because life should be rewarding. 

For credit card payments

Lost or Stolen Card -  800-321-5880
Dispute - 800-876-9119
Fraud - 855-961-1602
Fax - 1-740-922-2051
Card Cracking - View our typical card cracking scenarios. 
Contact eZCard - 1-866-604-0380

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send a question about my account via email?
Yes. Select settings & help, then select By Messaging,
Phone or Mail 
under Contact Us. Select the appropriate inquiry type under Messaging. Enter the reason for the request and select Send Request. This will send a message to the team. All communication will be sent through the message center.

What should I do if I receive a suspicious email that looks like it came from
my website?

If you receive a suspicious email and suspect it might be fraudulent, do not reply or enter any information. Contact us at 866-604-0380 immediately. A representative can help you determine the authenticity of the email.

I answered the security questions incorrectly and received a message saying my
online account is locked. What should I do?

To unlock your online account, call 866-604-0380.
For security reasons we're unable to reset your account online or by email.

Why do I need to provide personal information to activate my card?
You will be required to provide certain information that will allow us to confirm that you are authorized to activate the card. 

What's the best way for me to protect my card?
Treat your card like cash.· Never give your card number to anyone.· NEVER give out your PIN number.· Verify the authenticity of retailers you do business with before giving them your card       number over the phone or Internet· Do not email your card number to anyone on the Internet, even if someone offers you       money or “winnings.”· If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.· If you feel that your account has been compromised or someone has access to your card information please contact customer service immediately to report this.